Felloni - High Output - Bicolor 50°


Manufacturer: Tecpro

Product Code: TP-LONI2-BI50HO

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The Tecpro range is a favourite amongst rental companies - it is known for its superior colour properties and robust build quality. They also offer one of the highest lumen/watt ratios providing the combination of both superior output and longevity on battery.Regardless of model they are all built from robust water resistant material and made to withstand the rigour of the road. Further to that in the unlikely event there are problems local servicing is available both under guarantee and for the longer term.
The Felloni2 is the second generation panel and watt per lumen is the most efficient on the market – meaning that when used on batteries you get both output and battery life. The colour has also been improved with the advent of the latest generation LEDs – this helps with well saturated skin tones in daylight as in this model and also in the tungsten models.

The Tecpro advantages:
• Good Colour reproduction (skin tones)
• 30% more power compared to similar units (lumen per watt)
• 50% Less power consumption - 24w (50w)
• Longer Battery Life
• Tough Water resistant rain proof housing
• Distance Diffuser included
• On board Dimmer unit - with remote cable
• DMX accessories available
• V-Mount and D-Tap built in
• V-Mount AC adapter included
• Very good selection of Accessories

• Variable Bi Colour from 3200K – 5500K
• Power input: V-Mount (Built into unit) & V-Mount - Mains Transformer + DC input 10v – 16,8V
• Hi Output Version 50w
• LED Specification: 576 LEDS allowing for a spread source and less specular dazzle
• Size: 30.4cm x 30.4cm x 7.6cm
• Weight: 2kg
• Weight with accessories: 2.5kg
• TP-LONI-DIM-DMX - DMX 512 Module (mounts into dimmer slot)
• Wireless dimming module
• TP-LONI-SBX42 - Soft Box (with side flags)
• TP-LONI-SBXGRID40 - Soft Box soft Grid
• Metal Honey Comb Grid
• TPSC1 - Single Soft Case (Carries Light, Stand, diffusers and grid) + Transformer/Battery slot)
• TPCRI – Single Hard Case (Carries Light, Stand, diffusers and grid) + Transformer/Battery slot)
• TPSC3 – 3 head Soft Case
• TPHC3 – 3 Head Hard Case

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