Dedolight Competition


Introducing the 2nd International dedolight Lighting Competition


We are challenging everybody, be it professionals, be it students, teachers or beginners, to participate in this competition. The aim of this competition is to further our deep dedication to the educational approach – LET US LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.

When we had our first competition about 3 years ago we received more than 250 entries from all over the world. Most of those were absolutely amazing and ingenious in their creativity, their mood and most of them also regarding the educational value.

International dedolight competition 2015 – best of mix:


Message from Dedo

'The main driving force behind this competition is my personal commitment to the educational approach. I grew up in a country where, at that time, there was not a single film school, but I found wonderful, very capable and patient teachers whom I owe a lot. This is the reason why I want to pass on what I have learnt, hopefully creating something like a chain reaction where all of us can benefit from the experience, the creativity and the ingenuity of each other.

There are many different aspects of lighting. You can find light, you can create light in many different ways; there are many specialties in an endless variety.'


How to participate?

1. For the UK and Ireland entries request to register by sending an email to by the 31st of October. We will reply with full registration details and form for you to complete. We reserve the right to stop the registrations earlier if the amount of entries exceed the number of available loan equipment.

2. We will provide the equipment on a loan for you. The list of available equipment. You will have to take care of collecting it from us in NW London.

3. You return the equipment to Cirro Lite after the agreed period. We urge you to take care of the equipment as best as you can.

4. You deliver the video, showing your ability, creativity and the mastering of story-telling. You upload your video on YouTube and/or Vimeo and pass on the link to us on and Deadline is April 30th, 2020. Video must be uploaded till that date on YouTube or Vimeo.

5. The first evaluation will be made by our local jury which will be announced later, when all the participants have been registered. The second evaluation will be done by the international jury of professionals and teachers.

6. The goal of the competition is to create teaching devices for creatives all over the world. Therefore please upload your video under the Creative Commons licence (CC BY 4.0 / With all videos chosen for tutorials, your name, or if you prefer your company name, organization or school, will be mentioned.


Results and Prizes

We are offering 30 prizes with a total value of over £100,000. The full list of prizes.

You will be informed about the prize that you have won. Looking at the list of prizes, you can discuss with us whether you might want to choose another category. Upwards from your position there are more expensive prizes, so you can choose anything that is down from your particular position on the list of winners (if better suited for your work / wishes).


Who can participate?

Everyone – from the experienced professional, the teacher, the student, the beginner, the specialist, to single person or team. Could be a subject for a task in a film school, could follow personal initiative or following a teacher’s guidance.


Subjects for your Videos

You are totally free to choose. It could be people, portraits, mood, drama, animation, or very special approaches.


The Evaluation Criteria

The esthetic value / impression of your image(s), the value of your contribution by creativity, ingeniousness, mood (message). Our expectation, the demand and the CONDITION is:

You clearly explain step by step how you achieved your lighting and your image composition, so that the viewer can understand to the extent that in the end he will say: ‘I understood and I can do that myself’.

Thus, we want to fulfill our dream of the educational approach, teaching each other, learning from each other the incredible variety of this wonderful profession.


Eligible Countries

The competition is handled and managed through the worldwide network of Dedolight distributors. Cirro Lite is handling the submissions from UK and Ireland. If you are based outside this area please contact your local Dedolight distributor.



Please get in touch by email: