Fiilex brings beautiful point source LED lighting to the image making world. Used by filmmakers, broadcasters, and photographers, these intense lights feature, adjustable colour temperature, dimming capability, and a very high quality colour spectrum. They are powerful, compact, highly portable, and cool to the touch. The lights are very versatile, and can be used for studio installations or on location, with various lights offering DMX control, enhanced water resistance, or D-tap power options. Fiilex offers many lighting kits each designed to fit a professional workflow, and a full line of light modifying accessories, providing a complete lighting solution for the modern visual artist. Fiilex is "Brilliance Made Beautiful."

Based in Berkeley, California Fiilex is at the very core of LED technology and their history reaches back over 30 years. What's so different about Fiilex is that they have the technology to start the product development from the "chip level" as opposed to most competitors who start with pre-assembled modules. This allows Fiilex to arrange the LED chips exactly the way they want and start out with the right light source. The 'Dense Matrix' LED array concept allows Fiilex to pack the chips very tightly allowing for extra power from the smaller light source and creating very hard crisp shadows. Fiilex custom design their Fresnel lenses to work in tandem with the Dense Matrix LED source. Fiilex ensure that every fixture is extremely colour-accurate using their exhaustive 192-colour point calibration process.