Stills Photography


With the growing development of new and more sensitive cameras we are being approached by more and more stills photographers searching for continuous lighting solutions.

With the range of lighting fixtures that Cirro Lite offer a very efficient and effective continuous lighting setup can be achieved when compared to traditional flash photography.

At Cirro Lite, we have carefully selected a number specific lighting fixtures and accessories to create the perfect kits for continuous lighting solutions for stills photography.

One very obvious and important benefit of continuous light is the fact that the photographer can see the lighting composition of the shot before an image is taken.

Another very significant benefit of this type of lighting is that the brands that Cirro Lite represent produce highly efficient high quality fixtures that produce high light output at very low power consumptions.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on these lighting solutions.

Dedolight photo shoot

Photography lit with Dedolight

Glamour photography with Dedolight lighting

Fashion photography Dedolight lighting

Fashion photography with Dedolight lighting

Fashion photography with Dedolight lighting

Table top food photography with Dedolight lighting