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Matthews Studio Equipment presents a new, versatile solution to duplicating studio lighting effects on location. Designed for today's highly mobile, location shooter, ROADFLAGS offers a larger 4' x 4' (122cm x 122cm) surface lighting modification in a convenient, easy-to-use portable kit. The "slip-on" fabrics allow for fast setup and packaging while offering larger fabric sizes to create a multitude of lighting effects.
ROADFLAGS pack into a lightweight, self-contained easy-to-handle 28" x 50" (71cm x 127cm) case. ROADFLAGS kit will easily pack into any automobile or location vehicle.
In addition to the list of fabrics included in a ROADFLAGS kit, these SLIP-ON light modification fabrics are available for RoadFlags and as instant recovers for standard 48"x48" frames. Now there is no need to return the frames to the factory for recovering.

Matthews Studio Equipment is the original “Hollywood” grip supplier to the film and video industries they are well known for innovation, durability and build quality

Kit consists of:
1 x Kit Bag
2 x Flag frames
• 1 x Silk Diffusion
• 1 x Single Scrim
• 1 x Solid Black
Silver/Gold and a selection of alternative fabrics are also available

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