BatWing 4Bank Louver (5pk)


Manufacturer: Kino Flo

Product Code: BAT-W4

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The BatWing Louver attaches directly to the lamps and gives direction to the light with minimal light loss.

The BatWing® was developed by Los Angeles gaffer, David St. Onge, while working on the TV series “24” for the quick shooting style of the show.

The BatWing Louvers control the spread and direction of light in a Kino Flo Tegra, 4Bank, Double or Single fixture. They also solve the problem of spill light off the ends of the fixture, without using blackwrap or other materials that restrict airflow and overheat the lamps.

The lightweight BatWing design includes a clip-on mount and adjustable louver panels that fan out when the fixture barndoors are opened. They are removable, portable and durable.

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