Projector with built-in framing shutter blades for DLED2 and DLED3 heads incl. 60mm imager lens


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: DP2S

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DP2S - for the DLED2 and DLED3 series of lights
The Dedolight Imager Projectors take “painting with light” to a new level.
The DP2S is manufactured with fixed framing shutters for to provide absolute precision – clean, and wide even field down to the facet of a diamond:
• Background effects
• High precision accenting
• Framing
• Window/sunlight effects
• Highlight and table top effects
The DP2S does not accept extra accessories but this is more than made up for with the exceptional precision it offers. Accenting and shaping can be sharp or set out of focus helping establish shallow depth of field.
Main Accessories:
• DPEYESET – Lens Diffusers
• Lenses: 30mm, 50mm, 60mm (included), 85mm. More options available upon request.

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