Parallel beam attachment for DLH4 and DLH200DT


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: DPBA-7

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DPBA-7 is constructed with non-spherical optics to match the double non-spherical optics of our DLH4 light.

This light, already in its original state, offers an incredible range from flood angle to very tigh spot, nearly 4%. The amazing fact is that by adding the DPBA-7, the non-spherical parallel beam adapter, you put the light head in a position of full flood or near full flood, and the light output is two times or even more in comparison to the original light output in its spot position. This, making it a very useful, very powerful, very clean beam. Stray light can be diminished by a honeycomb front attachment for the parallel beam attachment. These adaptors both boost the output of the light fixture and create a virtual lightsource distance, this provides a quality of atmostpheric realism and shape.

These optical attachments can also be used on some (not all) of our new LED light fixtures. See DPBA-L7 and DPBA-BI7.


DPBA-7 works with: DLH4, DLHM4-300, DLH200DT, DLH202DT (tungsten/ daylight discharge)

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