Hollywood 40" Double Riser Turtle Base, w/ Grip Head and Arm


Manufacturer: Matthews

Product Code: MD-756140

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One of the most popular models ever! Comes with a Turtle Base and Matthews Grip Head & Arm. Available in Black
Universally seen as the best C-Stand, Griphead and Arm in the business due to its superior gripping strength, this product is the first choice of professionals and can be found on film sets all over the world .
Matthews Hollywood Arms are made of Stainless Steel and can come in black finish as well. T-Handles are ergonomically designed to allow for fast, efficient, safe tightening with little effort. Comes with our Hollywood Grip Head attached to one end, the strongest Grip Head in the business, and an additional Grip Head for positioning.

Matthews Studio Equipment is the original “Hollywood” grip supplier to the film and video industries they are well known for innovation, durability and build quality

C-Stand 756140
Capacity: 10kg
Folded Base: 53cm
Max Height: 321cm
Min Height: 126cm
Footprint: 70cm
Weight: 7.7kg (with arm and knuckle)
Stand Weight: 5.8kg

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