ALEF15 On-Board light


Manufacturer: ProFound

Product Code: PPL-015BIC

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Alef is arguably one of the coolest LED lights on the market today. The newest light source boasts a superior light quality with the CRI rating of 97 throughout the range from tungsten(2800K) to daylight(6500K), with a seamless, completely flicker-free dimming control. The splendid enclosure is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminium and has various handy features such as a hassle-free, detachable diffuser plate, built-in DV battery mount and standard 1/4"-20 threaded hole. Alef can also be powered by a wide variety of different inputs (USB-C, DV battery and V-mount battery through a 0-tap), which is a real boon to photographers, vloggers and filmmakers alike.

Light Source: Ultra High CRI LED x 140ea (15W)
Beam Angle: 120 degrees (80 deg. at FWHM both horizontal and vertical)
Colour Temperature: Continuously tunable from 2,800K to 6,500K 
CRI: Typ.97
Driver: Flicker-free, CC-type (efficiency> 93%)
Dimming: 0~100%
Universal input: USB-C / 7.2V DV battery (excl.) / 14.4V V-mount battery (excl.) through a D-tap cable
Housing material: Aluminium 6061 T6
Cooling: Air convection
Feature: Removable diffuser plate, built-in 1/4"-20 screw hole, built-in DV battery mount with integrated charging support through USB-C input (power bank, wall charger)
450 lx at 1m (2,800K)
520 lx at 1m (6,500K)

System contents:
1x PPL-015BIC ALEF15 On-Board light
1x PDF-015PPL Diffuser filter for Alef15

System dimensions (mm): 140x100x21
Weight: 200g

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