That Lot - Social Content Agency studio lighting project

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Project completion date

January 2019

Project Brief

The client needed a very flexible studio space built within the iconic building 2 Waterhouse square, Holborn, so that they could create content onsite.

The studio needed to deliver an easy to use high quality green screen space with the ability to quickly convert the space into any number of “looks” and setups.

The studio needed to have an element of plug and play built so that quick turnarounds could be achieved without compromising quality.


One of the main challenges was the unusual space – Waterhouse square is a beautiful building full of London creative agencies and associated businesses. However, it is not the typical type of building in which a studio of this ambition is usually situated.

The other main challenge was to provide the client with a unique studio system that spoke to their unique position in a new market as well as the aspirational energy they bring to their projects.


As we were limited by both the size and shape of the studio space we decided that a typical green screen studio set up would be a challenge for the team running it on a daily basis. Also it would be a limited system. With this is mind the Cirro Lite design team proposed a new concept using a “LEDCloud” LED back lit wall. This system had several benefits, the first being the efficiency it terms of space as it is only 150mm deep, it also gave us a platform to provide them with a multi programmable coloured background. This would allow them to flip from a perfect green screen to white or any number of stylish colours subtle or loud.

Over the to we provided another LEDCloud as a reflective source to light product demonstrations in a glossy way. Situated around this was a 360 degree lighting track enabling them to easily arrange and rearrange the keys and subject lighting quickly and easily. For the main keys and fills we used both Kino Flos and Dedolights well known for their high quality colour rendering (important for products and well as skin tones) and optical control.

The end results as you can see from the images are both inspiring and unique.