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By their very nature, spherical cameras see everything and are often left unattended amidst the action. They require a strong support system that is unobtrusive on set, and can be easily removed from the shot in post. The VRig is a system specifically designed to have a small footprint to minimize nadir hole and shadow obstruction, yet maintains rock solid stability. Its unique steadiness design with a built-in center Barbell Weight Retainer uses either standard or Olympic plates, and lowers the center of gravity to reduce tipping. There are also unique accessories to improve stability including a suction Pump Cup for non-porous interior surfaces and a screw-in Auger Spike for exterior locations, both effectively anchor the support system in place.

In live event applications, the spherical camera is often positioned front row and center of the action to offer viewers the desired immersive experience. It’s essential that the camera and rigging remain inconspicuous and minimize the obstruction to the live audience. With discretion in mind, the VRig is designed with a slim vertical riser and is equipped with a Black Elastic Leg Skirt allowing ancillary equipment to be concealed from view. Integrated tapped female mounts for lighting fixtures and binaural microphones are also included to help address the rigging challenges of a spherical environment while still remaining inconspicuous.

Matthews’ half century of designing grip equipment is evident in the VRig robust and modular system design. Its aluminum construction includes features like a rocky mountain leg, brass riser locks and an integrated handle for quick relocation. The system can also be reconfigured as a low-angle mount for a car, tabletop, window, lawn, etc. and its ¼”-20, 3/8”, Baby and Junior Pin interfaces integrate seamlessly with standard grip equipment to allow the creation of custom built rigging. Additional options include a Ball Head with camera plate and a Mini Black Boom arm for angled and even negative mounting applications.

  • Lightweight S30 (30 lbs.) and heavyweight S75 (75 lbs.) models
  • Small footprint to minimize nadir hole and shadow obstruction
  • Stability enhancing Barbell Weight Retainer, and optional Pump Cup or Auger Spike
  • Pivoting (-15deg. to +90deg) 3/8” Magic Finger camera mount
  • Vertical height range ideal for sitting and standing VR perspectives
  • Slim profile minimizes view obstruction to live audiences
  • Black elastic leg skirt for neat appearance and camera accessory concealment
  • Integrated mounts for binaural microphones, lighting fixtures and other accessories
  • Flexible modular system design that integrates with standard grip equipment
  • Optional Ball Head with camera plate, or Mini Black Boom arm for angled mounting
  • Strong and lightweight all aluminum construction
  • Grip inspired design:
    1. Brass v-shaped riser brake
    2. Rocky mountain leg
    3. Integrated carry handle
    4. Standard ¼”-20, 3/8”, Baby and Junior Pin interfaces

VRig S75 System Kit - Item# 249567 $1,289

  • VRig S75: Support stand with 75lbs. (34 kg) weight capacity
  • Baby Ball Head Adapter: Converts baby pin or junior receiver to 3/8" thread
  • Magic Finger: Pivoting 3/8” camera mount (-15deg. to +90deg)
  • Barbell Weight Retainer: 3/8” threaded plate and retainer for standard and Olympic weights
  • Black Elastic Leg Skirt
  • Travel Bag


  • Pump Cup - 6” Suction Cup with 3/8” thread: Item# 6049/100 - $128
  • Auger Spike - 8” drill type lawn spike with 3/8” thread: Item# 249566-1 - $49
  • Mini Black Boom - Range: 45" (115cm) to 80" (203cm): Item# B427802 - $204
  • Ball Head - Camera mount with quick release plate and bubble level: Item# BH-30 - $179

VRig S75

  • Weight Capacity 75lbs. (34kg)
  • Minimum Height - 33” (84cm)
  • Maximum Height - 86” (218.5cm)
  • Minimum Footprint Diameter - 9” (23cm)
  • Maximum Footprint Diameter - 43” (109cm)
  • Weight - 14lbs. (6.4kg)

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