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Manufacturer: Matthews

Product Code: 415068

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Matthews Studio Equipment is proud to announce the introduction of the Elevator. The Matthews Elevator system is a counterbalanced elevation tower designed to give operators 25.5” of smooth vertical movement, as well as a complete 360 degrees of rotation. The Elevator was specifically designed to work with a variety of camera platforms including heavy-duty sliders like the Matthews Slider, Doorway Dollies, The Dutti Dolly, tripods, pipe dollies, high hats, bazookas, or any other platform or adapter that uses an elemac mounting base.

The system gives budget conscious film makers and smaller productions the ability to create compelling vertical camera moves without having to rely on conventional dollies or cranes. The 25.5” of travel will cover the range between sitting and standing positions.

The Elevator features a simple 1:1 counterweight (Olympic size barbells), infinite 360 degree panning, multiple 3/8-16 threaded holes for mounting accessories and or triangulating. Its rugged design will support any camera/ fluid head combo up to 23kgs or 50.5 pounds.

And just like the Matthews Slider, it is a dry running system. No grease on the rails or wheels... Just wipe it down with a damp cloth regularly. Another unique new tool from Matthews where “Technology Complements your Imagination.”

Tools required are 8 and 10mm open wrench (supplied) and one set each of Metric and SAE Allen keys, a level might prove handy also.


ELEVATOR KIT - PN 415068: Elevator Supports 50.5lbs (23kg) weight capacity.
Kit Includes
- Elevator System (Elemac Base)
- Hard Flight Case w/Wheels
- Mitchell Mount
- Olympic Weight Bar and Retainer Clip
- 1 Year Warranty

Mitchell to Elemac Adapter - PN 515025: Used to convert mitchell mounts to male elemac mounts. Required to mount the Elevator onto mitchell style mounts.
75mm Bowl Adapter - PN 395411: Precision machined mitchell mount to 75mm adapter. No tools or hardware required.
100mm Bowl Adapter - PN 395412: Precision machined mitchell mount to 100mm adapter. No tools or hardware required.
150mm Bowl Adapter - PN 395413: Precision machined mitchell mount to 150mm adapter. No tools or hardware required.

  • 25.5” of vertical lift and 360 degrees of infinite pan with tension adjustment.
  • Hard flight case included, with compartments for adapters and accessories.
  • Mounts to most elemac systems, including but not limited to: Matthews, Arco, Elemac, Panther and GFM
  • Mitchell Mount Included: 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Bowl adapters available to accommodate any fluid head.
  • Multiple 3/8-16 threaded holes for mounting accessories and or triangulating.
  • Dry running system. No grease on the rails or wheels. Just keep it clean.
  • MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: 23 kg (50.5 lbs)
  • SYSTEM WEIGHT: 7.7 kg ( 17 lbs)
  • KIT WEIGHT IN CASE: 22 kg (49 lbs) Including accesorries
  • VERTICAL TRAVEL: 66cm (25.5”)
  • SYSTEM HEIGHT: 101cm (40” )

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