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5K Punch Light

The QUAD is a super-bright punch light that emits 1360W of LED illumination. Powerful yet compact, the QUAD combines four Matrix fixtures in one ruggedized frame weighing a total of 75lbs and standing less than 3ft high. The streamlined fixture includes an integrated power supply, cabling, and controller (in addition to XLR5 DMX in/out) for easy transportation and settings adjustment. With this comprehensive design, the QUAD excels in any production setting, whether it’s set on a floor stand or suspended from a studio lighting grid.

Extensive 304-point color calibration ensures that every QUAD fixture exhibits excellent performance at all color settings and control modes (CCT, HSI, RGBW, effects, gels, etc.). This calibration, combined with Fiilex’s custom LED arrays and phosphors, gives the QUAD top-tier CRI and TLCI (95 typical). The QUAD fixture’s high-performance light output can also be focused in with optional 30° and 18° fresnel attachments for an even punchier throw.

  • High quality white light in standard CCT mode
  • Additional color control modes (RGBW, HSI, gel presets, effects, CCT + RGBW, etc.)
  • Dims to 0% without flicker or color shift (0.1% roll off)
  • 304-point color calibration for consistent quality
  • Integrated cable management and power supply
  • Optional fresnel accessories for increased punch
  • Weather-resistant (IP-24)

Beam Angle: 100° (30° or 18° with fresnel accessories)
CCT Range: 2800-10000K continuous tuning + magenta/green shift
Control Modes: RGBW, CCT, HSI, Gel, Effects, RGBW + CCT, etc.
Dimming: 100-0% (0.1% roll off)
CRI: 95 typical
Light Engine: 4x Matrix RGBW LED light heads
Power Draw: 1360W maximum
AC Input: 100-240V AC, 50 - 60Hz
DMX Port: XLR5
Weight: 34kg (75lbs)
Dimensions: 84cm x 25cm x 79cm (33” x 10” x 31”)
Mount Type: Junior stud male
Thermal Design: Advanced vapor cooling system w/ fan
Operating Temp: 0-40º C (32-104ºF)
IP-Rating: IP-24 (water-resistant)

Items Included:

(1) QUAD frame
(4) Matrix RGBW light heads
(1) Power Cable

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