Lightstream Lite Standard Kit


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: SLL3-20

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A reflector system for the solo creator.

Small and lightweight package, easy to use. Each reflector has 20 x 20 cm (approximately 8 x 8 inch), with plastic corner protection and cold shoe mount on rear.

Lightstream Lite Standard Kit comes with 3 reflectors and mounting accessories.

Standard Kit contains:

1    DLLR1-20x20    Lightstream Lite reflector #1, 20x20cm
1    DLLR2-20x20    Lightstream Lite reflector #2, 20x20cm
1    DLLR3-20x20    Lightstream Lite reflector #3, 20x20cm
2    DLSA1/4    Stand fitting. 16mm receptacle to 1/4" female thread
3    DMFA22    Flexible arm 22cm with 1/4" thread and camera shoe mount
2    CLAMP-M    Mini clamp with 1/4" und 3/8" female thread
1    DH3    Mounting plate with 1/4" female thread
1    DLPLAST    Lightstream plast
1    DPINSET    Set of 10 office pins
1    DLRP20    Pouch for up to 7x 20x20cm reflectors

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